Welcome Message

Greetings, Selamat Datang,

Assalaamu‘alaikum wa Rohmatullaahi wa Barokaatuh,

We are privileged and honored to welcome you to the 8th FAONS Symposium in conjunction with the 4th Indonesia Conference of Neuroscience (ICN) between 19-21th August 2022. FAONS Council members agreed to postpone the 2021 Bali Symposium to 2022 due to COVID-19 pandemic, unfortunately we must held this event virtually. The 8th Symposium will be organized in collaboration with Indonesia Neuroscience Institute (INI), Malaysian Society of Neurosciences (MSN), and Singapore Neuroscience Association (SNA). This virtual event is supported by International Brain Research Organization (IBRO).

Our last IBRO-supported event was Brain Awareness Week – Indonesia 2021, held 20-25 September 2021. A collaboration between INI and 9 universities and institutions in Indonesia, with fifteen top speakers talked about brain disorders during six days. We are expecting over 400 participants from Asia and Oceania region to attend 2022 FAONS Symposium. Even the last two years were difficult situation due to pandemic, this virtual symposium will be a great opportunity for participants to share the latest information and knowledge in neuroscience field.

We will continue promoting the advancement of neuroscience research and
education in the Asian Oceanian regions, as well as contributing to the
advancement of neuroscience worldwide. We plan to have IBRO APRC Chair as our Honorary Speaker, and total 33 speaker from 7 countries will give talks on symposium and workshops We ask help from top scientists enhancing our capacity building in brain related research, both basic and clinical neuroscience.

We invite you to take advantage of this event to promote your research. On behalf of FAONS Executive Committee Members, I thank IBRO, INI, MSN, SNA, all member societies across these regions, and all sponsors for their contribution to FAONS 2022.

Adhi Wibowo Nurhidayat
President, FAONS